Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break!

It is official...I am on Spring Break. My Spring Break officially started yesterday at 3:15. It was a huge relief to see 3:15. After spending 4 days with 23 9-10 year olds who were super excited about the warm weather and break, this was a much needed break.

I do not really have any plans for my break. I do know that Bella Rose and I will go for a walk every morning when we get up and play outside a lot! I am going to try to get some sun on my pale body. And Brandon has taken Wednesday off, so we get a family day! Of course I will have to also do the usual cleaning and laundry.

This really doesn't have anything to do with Spring Break, but we got a dishwasher today! We have an extremely old dishwasher in our house now that does not work. So for the past year and 3 months I have patiently waited to buy one. We went to Lowe's today and got a really good deal on one! I am so excited about it...I can't wait for it to be installed!

I am sure I will be posting again soon about my wonderful, relaxing week and about how wonderful it is to have a dishwasher!