Sunday, April 11, 2010

South Mountain

Saturday Brandon and I packed up and headed to South Mountain. We packed our water, lunch, blanket, snack, and Bella Rose. I had never been to South Mountain before, but Brandon had. When we arrived at the state park we went to the welcome center and got a map. Then we were on our way.

We started hiking the trail to the water fall. At first it didn't seem to tough. As we walked it got harder and harder. The trail was straight up, climbing rocks and stairs. So needless to say we had to take a few breaks. Bella Rose was a pro! She acted like she had hiked her whole life. We went to the top and took some pictures and then had a picnic. We sat for a few minutes and ate our lunch and got some energy. After lunch we packed up and finished the trail, which circled back around to the beginning. We had such a great time. I posted some pictures so everyone could see how we spent our Saturday!
Brandon and Bella Rose on the trail. The beautiful waterfall, which was definitely worth all the hard work.
Family portrait, I think something scared BR, and Brandon setting up our picnic!

Bella Rose enjoying the creek! Bella Rose and me after climbing up a hill, that was not on the trail, to look out over the mountain!