Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break So Far...

So far Spring Break has been wonderful! The weather has been beautiful and I have enjoyed the fresh air. Although, I have been having some major sinus/allergy problems all weekend.

Saturday Brandon and I spent the day outside. We planted some new shrubs in our front yard and some flowers in our planters. Sunday we went to my mom's house for brunch and then my in-laws for dinner. We had a great weekend.

Monday began with a walk, as promised to Bella Rose. I then came home and majorly cleaned my house, which no longer looks that way. How do two people get a house so dirty? I just don't understand. I then went and ate lunch with my dad and sister at Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is a favorite of mine and Amber's. Anytime we go eat somewhere without our husbands that's usually the place we pick, they aren't as big of fans as we are. After lunch I did a little running around. My plans were to go to Zumba at the gym, but they weren't having any classes. So Hope and I went walking...again!

Tuesday began with a walk, Bella Rose is loving me being home. After that I came home and showered and went to lunch at Shake Shop, yummy, with my in-laws and sister in law. We then went to see The Last Song! Wonderful movie, but not as good as the book. If you go see it, which I recommend, take your Kleenex! It is an extremely sad movie. Also, Carmike Cinemas has $1 popcorn and drinks on Tuesday! So we got the entire movie experience with some buttery popcorn and a Diet Coke!

Tomorrow Brandon is off. So I can not wait to see what the day will bring!