Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bella has a Chapped Nipple

As written by Brandon (Hence this post in general):

So let's talk about my daughter/dog/2nd queen of the house, Bella Rose. You're probably asking why the middle name. Long story short, she's a fan of the Golden Girls.

Anyways, we grab a pizza tonight and she's hopping all over the place as always hoping that Ashley will "accidentally" drop a pepperoni. She finally jumps onto the couch that we are sitting on eating and I roll her over to rub her belly and I notice that one of her nipples, if you would call little dog teets nipples, has more of a reddish tint. It was irritated.

Now I will admit that Bella receives the occasional Titty Twisters, just playing though, her mother doesn't like this at all. But no titty twisters for Bella tonight...She has a chapped nipple.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So since we have been without water since Saturday I have been thinking about how much you use water everyday. Right now I am sitting at my house waiting for the plumber. I am unable to wash clothes, clean, use the restroom, or even wash my hands. Every time I start to do something, I stop and think well I need water to be able to do that. It's not really that we don't have water, but it's that when we turn the water on or flush it down the toilet it will go out of the pipe from our house, but into the road or the huge hole that has been dug in our front yard.

Who knew how important the pipes that lead water out of your house are? So needless to say, my house is a wreck. There are dishes in the sink, which is driving me insane!!! We have bags in the floor since we have moved back in after staying with mom since Saturday. I am about to go crazy sitting...waiting...wanting my sewer pipes to be fixed! Who knew one could want sewer pipes fixed so badly...? The only thing that this is allowing me to do is be lazy...which is kinda nice! I am actually sitting here watching tv with my Bella Rose. Not getting up every few minutes to change out laundry or "pick up" around the house. So from now on...I will ALWAYS be grateful for sewer pipes and the important job they have.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Plumbing Problems

So recently we have been having some issues with our plumbing. Our pipes kept getting backed up. We have called someone out twice to clear the drain pipes and it keeps messing up. So recently we had to dig out around the pipes to get it fixed. And we figured out the problem...the pipes weren't connected underground. Gross! So for the past year everything that has gone out of our pipes (toilet, washing machine, shower, etc.) has gone straight into the ground. So...we dig out today and the plumber comes. But we did not dig out enough. So tomorrow the plumber is supposed to come fix it. Needless to say we can not use any water so we have been living with my mom...thank goodness for moms! We hope that tomorrow we can move back home!!!