Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bella has a Chapped Nipple

As written by Brandon (Hence this post in general):

So let's talk about my daughter/dog/2nd queen of the house, Bella Rose. You're probably asking why the middle name. Long story short, she's a fan of the Golden Girls.

Anyways, we grab a pizza tonight and she's hopping all over the place as always hoping that Ashley will "accidentally" drop a pepperoni. She finally jumps onto the couch that we are sitting on eating and I roll her over to rub her belly and I notice that one of her nipples, if you would call little dog teets nipples, has more of a reddish tint. It was irritated.

Now I will admit that Bella receives the occasional Titty Twisters, just playing though, her mother doesn't like this at all. But no titty twisters for Bella tonight...She has a chapped nipple.