Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Vacation Is Just Around the Corner!

I am so happy to say that there are only 15 days of school left, yes 15! I love my job, but summer break is much deserved! I have a wonderful class, but they definitely keep me on my toes. I have been called stupid, told that they didn't have to freakin' listen to me, and much more! So needless to say, I am ready for June 9th! Although I have to continue to work a few more days, workdays are different. They are extremely peaceful and so much more can be accomplished.

This week we are taking EOG's. We started today with reading and continue the next two days with math. These poor kids. We started testing today at 8:30 and did not finish until 11:45. I mean seriously???? I am not a 9/10 year old and I was about to go insane, and all I had to do was walk around to make sure they stayed on bubble! These kids are put under so much pressure to pass this test. Students are gifted in many areas and not all of them are gifted in reading and math. To me, that is completely fine. People shine in different ways every day. If we all were experts in reading and math life would be boring. I am so proud of my students. They worked super hard today and I hope they continue to work hard the rest of the week. It breaks my heart to see them stress. So tomorrow and Thursday between 8:30-11:30, please say a short prayer for all the students in Lincoln County that are testing, they need it!

Just a little side note: We leave to go to the beach in 10 days for a long weekend!!!!!