Sunday, February 6, 2011

New York

Over Thanksgiving we took a trip with my sister and brother-in-law to NY. We had a WONDERFUL time. We left Thanksgiving day around 7:00am. After arriving in NY around 9:30 our 2 day mini vacation began. We definitely saw almost everything there is to see in NY in 2 days. We had a wonderful time talking, laughing, and just hanging out together. We ate at some delicious places and even had to take a subway around 9:00 one night for a visit to Gray's Papaya, the boys just had to have it. Here are just a few pictures from our trip.

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

In front of the BEST pizza place in the world, in Brooklyn.

This is how we felt after walking 40-50 blocks. We were told it was just a little bit further, 40-50 blocks later we arrived.

Brandon and me in front of the Christmas tree and ice skating rink.

In front of Ground Zero