Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Boy

So Thursday is Brandon's birthday. As of yesterday this became is "Birthday Week". He thinks that we should celebrate his birthday all week long. Conveniently the birthday boy has his birthday week off. His office is closed President's Day and they give all their employees a day off for their birthday, so Brandon decided to take the other 3 days off this week. So his birthday present to himself is the week off. Friday night we are going out with family for his birthday.

Saturday I have a surprise little trip planned for us. He HATES not knowing what is going on. He is a planner and loves to find restaurants for us to visit. But this trip is a secret. Everyday he tries to trick me into telling him where we are going, but I am keeping my lips zipped. While we are gone Bella Rose will be staying with her Granny. She enjoys staying there because her Granny spoils her rotten. Pretty much anything she wants, she gets. So we will have a little diva coming home with us when we return on Sunday.

I will leave you with a few pictures of where Brandon has guessed we might be going.

Greenville, SC

Asheville, NC

Shelton Vineyard
Dobson, NC