Sunday, August 8, 2010


A few posts ago I made a TO DO list for myself for my last few weeks of summer. I have checked off 2 things on my list and completed a lot of things that were not on my list. I made myself a coupon book, which I LOVE because I can see my coupons so easily and I completed my jewelry boards! I made 2 jewelry boards, a picture board for school, and a board I can use to hang memos on at school. So here are a few pictures of my completed project.

I bought a pack of 4 cork boards, 4 individual pieces of super cute fabric for $1.00 each, brown ribbon, and clear push pins.

Here is the first jewelry board in the works!

The completed jewelry board!

My picture board for school!

Making these jewelry/picture/memo boards was so super easy! I actually got the idea from another blogger. I thought they were the perfect things to hold all my jewelry and I can easily see all of my options!