Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life as a Teacher

So I was sitting here tonight reading blogs, of course, and came across another teacher's blog. Reading this blog really made me think.

As most of you know, I teach 4th grade. Teaching is very rewarding, yet very draining. This week has been a rough, yet short week. We were out of school Monday and Tuesday and had a 2 hour delay Wednesday. On top of that we are supposed to get some kind of wintry mix tomorrow, Friday. Just imagine how excited we get as adults about snow. So imagine dealing with 23 9-10 year olds who have spent 4 days playing in it and expecting more. It has been rough to get students motivated and myself motivated. I have been so whiny and complaining with my co-workers about how hard this is and so on. I struggled to teach/work all day yesterday and today. It is super hard to get back into a schedule.

Then I began thinking...I am so fortunate to have my job. I teach 23 students every day. But more than that, they teach me so much. I learn so much about how life is so different for kids today than just a few years ago. So many children come in to school and just want to talk. In my mind I am thinking, "Why are you talking so much when you should be doing morning work", when I should be saying "Tell me more"! Life at home for children is so different today than when I was in elementary school.

I have a very rewarding job! I see students learn something new, and watch their eyes light up with excitement! I also do not have to work weekends, except Saturday snow make-up days. I have summers off, which I LOVE! There are many days throughout the school year we have off, holidays and workdays. So I am going to try my BEST to have a positive attitude every day. Instead of being "lazy", I am going to put forth my best effort. After all, not many people have the wonderful job that I do!!!!