Sunday, January 10, 2010

Car Shopping

So Brandon and I have decided that we want to buy a car. We definitely are going to buy a used car, but the problem is which car...??? We both have some thoughts as to what we would like to have. There are certain things we know we want in a car, but we just have to find it and in our price range. We have decided to choose a few cars and test drive them, trying to go in with an open mind. Brandon suggested the other day that we each choose 2 cars that we would like to drive.

Well one car that we know we want to look at is an X3, so now we each choose 1! We have found a few online, but shopping online is very difficult. The other car of my choice is a Nissan Murano. I love these cars!!! I even know that I want a white one with tan interior and a sunroof. I think that we need an SUV so that we can have a family car. Not that we are wanting kids anytime soon, but we do need a family car. Our cars are both small and can not easily fit more than us.

Brandon on the other hand wants a Toyota Prius. Now I understand that these cars are fuel efficient, but it's not much bigger than my Jetta. So to me, this isn't the best choice for our "family car". Brandon thinks that buying this car would be an investment, especially because of gas prices.

So over the next few weeks/months we are going to be in search of a car. Hopefully this will be a peaceful/easy decision for us. To some people this may not be a huge decision, but for us, this is our first car purchase together. Please pray that we do not kill each other in this process!!!